Learning Disabilities Associations in Canada

Learning Disabilities Associations in Canada

Most of us go through life without suffering from any really significant learning disability. Sure, we may never learn a recipe off by heart, needing to repeatedly look at the instructions every time we make a meal, but we can still make the meal without any real difficulty. Unfortunately for people suffering with some kind of disability, they can have real trouble making the meal, on varying levels. From being unable to read because of a physical ailment such as blindness to suffering a mental impairment caused by an accident or they’ve been living with their entire life. No doubt about it, having a disability not only makes life more tedious but it can put a significant downer on learning new skills. So I’ve put together a great resource of Canadian places and associations that offer educational aid and assistance for those needing it.

One of the most well known groups is Learning Disabilities Association. They help better the lives of those with handicaps by offering a wide range of support, from community networking that improves the enjoyment, both the carers and the disabled get from daily life, to locally run support groups for anyone from teachers to parents and all those in between. The informational libraries and annual workshops they run genuinely change lives for the better. Learning Disabilities Association can be found in major Canadian cities and have an influence and reach right down to the suburban level. You can get hold of them in every Canadian province and territory.

Another group that brings much needed help to Canadians requiring it, are the National Education Association of Disabled Students. Known via the clever acronym NEADS, their primary focus hones in on accessibility for students. By setting out to help any student that wishes to study beyond high school, their aid has not only helped out several disabled students in completing university degrees, but in going on to have successful careers in their chosen fields.

The Neil Squire Foundation is yet another place offering aid. They have been at the forefront of helping physically challenged Canadians since the mid 80s. This wonderful Foundation provides assistive technology to people in need, then trains and works with them in order to overcome any learning difficulties the person might find too challenging to face alone. They are not only proud to provide this level of care and commitment to the differently abled, but go a step further in helping workplaces provide job opportunities to the impaired people they’ve worked with so closely.

Whether it’s through providing equipment to the Canadian workplaces, training the disabled with computer tutorials and online services or just offering an unmatched level of care to those needing the help, one thing is abundantly clear. The Neil Squire Foundation truly cares about education for those with learning disabilities. This is further show when you look at the ongoing rehabilitation work they continue to do for those with learning challenges.

Hopefully you can see Canada has a ton of assistance out there for those with special learning requirements. While these are indeed some of the best places to start getting the help you or someone you know might need, by no means have I exhausted the list of potential options available at your disposal in order to find the assistance best suited to your individual needs. This is merely a springboard into getting you in touch with some people on the right path.